Top Car Hire Companies in Cyprus – May 2024

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Importance of checking car hire reviews

The aIsland of Cyprus is beautiful! It is a wonderful place to spend one’s vacation, and it’s even better if you live on the island as you get to experience its beauty daily. Either you are a visitor or resident on the island, you will need wheels to move about, and a very viable option is for you to hire a car. Car rental services offer comfort and class at the same help save cash you would otherwise spend on public transport.  

Finding the right rental company, however, might pose a challenge as the system is full of scams. The good news is; this challenge can be resolved by checking car hire reviews of these companies before transacting with them. Reviews are very important, and checking helps you select not just the best wheels, but the best rental plans that will be right for you. Without further ado, let us dive into some more reasons you need to go over Cyprus car hire reviews:

1. Reviews help to select the right car hire company

Just as we have considered in the preceding paragraphs, reports can be of great assistance when looking for car rental services. The opinions people have about a particular company will help you to decide if the company is right for you or otherwise. Also, ratings will either attract or dissuade you from such a company. You may also be enticed by the bandwagon effect a company has on its clients, which builds a measure of trust.

2. Cyprus car hire reviews help to select the best mode of payment

A significant merit of checking reviews is that it helps determine the most economical means of payment. Rental reviews help to discover the most popular method of payment for car hire with many people going with the option of using credit cards. By checking many reviews, you will, therefore, be able to decide what mode of payment would be most suitable for you. 

3. Cyprus car rentals reviews reveal the optimum age for renting a car

Age restrictions for renting cars in Cyprus are to be treated with caution. Checking reviews will show the right age for anyone who wants to hire a car. Reviews also show that it will cost more for drivers under the age of 25 to rent a car, hence checking such would help you to save money as car hire is costlier for younger drivers. 

4. Cyprus car rentals reviews show the best way to deal with car insurance

Insurance claims are among the factors that militate against car rentals, but you can get around this challenge by checking what others have said about it – in their reviews of rental agencies. Checking for reviews about insurance claims will help you decide how best to deal with car rentals insurance. For instance, reviews show that owning personal vehicle insurance which could be attached to your credit card, is more economical than paying for protection when you are renting a car. In the same vein, reviews also contain info on car rental companies that allow you to use the personal vehicle insurance that can be added to the cost on your credit card. 

5. Cyprus car hire reviews help to find the car rental service with the best discount 

A significant highlight of online reviews is that they reflect the companies that give the lowest discount and rent rates. By checking reviews, you can find the best rates possible for renting cars.

6. Reviews help to find rental companies with the best services

Taking Ayia Napa car hire reviews as a case study, you’d find out that rental reviews in this area would show what agencies offer the best services. Ayia Napa car rentals reviews help you find the agencies that provide excellent services in bookings, professional conduct, quick deliveries, and overall customer satisfaction.

7. Going through car rental reviews shows how to reduce the cost incurred while renting a vehicle

One way to reduce the cost of rent is by minimizing the number of drivers, a fact that is expressed by several users under Limassol car rentals reviews. By reducing the number of drivers you register when you are about to rent a car, you pay less – it’s as simple as that. Limassol car rentals reviews help in this regard as they show that increasing the number of drivers for a rental car will increase the fee that you will have to pay, as you will be required to pay a daily fee per driver. 

8. Rental reviews reveal the best car rental services to use at airports

If you are just coming into the country by air, and you are looking to secure a viable means of moving around immediately, you will benefit by checking the Larnaca airport car hire reviews. Renting cars in airports makes life easy and convenient, as not only does it enable you to get on wheels quickly, you also do not have to deal with the stress of finding cabs to your destination.

The consensus is that renting cars at airports can be expensive, because of the extra cost required by the airport authorities from car rental companies. However, by reading through Larnaca airport car hire reviews, you will find rental agencies with the best rates operating from the airport. Checking Larnaca airport car hire reviews makes it easy to find excellent car hire reviews in Cyprus airports.

9. Cyprus car rental reviews give tips on how to manage the cars excellently

Checking customer feedback such as the Protaras car rentals reviews is advantageous as it provides tips and guides on how to use rental vehicles effectively. The city of Protaras has a wide range of car rental agencies, and going through the reviews of such companies guides you to manage their vehicles effectively. That said, some tips for proper usage of rental cars include:

  • Use cars on tarred roads – It is not uncommon for many rental companies to charge more after you have returned the car, and this is usually as a result of using the vehicles on muddy and rough roads. This added cost can be avoided by adhering to the usage instructions given by reviewers. If you get stuck on muddy roads, you will have to pay for the extra cost of removing the car and cleaning it up. Therefore, it would be wise to stick to paved roads while driving, and if it is inevitable, be sure to mention your routes to your car rentals agency. This tip, among others, is provided by customers in Protaras car rentals reviews.
  • Refuel the rental car to the brim when returning it to the rental company – This is especially important as it prevents the rental company from overcharging you. Topping the fuel in your rental car when you are about to return it will save the cost of fuel that might be added if you did not fill the tank. 

Many of such tips are found in the reviews of rental agencies in Protaras. So, be sure to check these reviews, and you find numerous tips on how to manage rental cars optimally.

Bonus tip!

While going through the city of Protaras car rental reviews, you will see that many reviewers advise you to bring your extra equipment such as maps and other location applications, arm radio for contacting emergency or toll services. By bringing additional equipment, you reduce the fee that would otherwise be charged for renting as you don’t have to pay for something if it is already yours.

Conclusively, checking the experience and comments of those who have used car hire services in Cyprus, which can be found in reviews left on the website of such companies will benefit you maximally. Enjoy your stay on this beautiful island!